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Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by users send to their terminal (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc ) and where they are stored in order to be re-transmitted to the same websites at the next visit by the same terminal. Cookies are used for different purposes, they have different characteristics and may be used by both Karmaloog or by third parties.

Please find below all the information about cookies installed through this Store Website and all the information about how to manage your cookies preferences.


1. Technical cookies which do not require any Opt in by users:

Technical cookies do not require any consent by the user, they are installed automatically as a result of accessing the website.Please noted that all technical cookies on this Store Website are installed and operated by the company Custom Wave.

We inform you that the following technical cookies on the Store Website may change depending on the Custom Wave choices, therefore the Company COLODOS can not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the facts stated herein and the actual type of technical cookies installed to upon reading this Cookie Policy.

Among the technical cookies, we use:

  • • Navigation Cookies
    Cookies ensuring the normal browsing and use of the website, through different options or services, aimed at increasing the website performance.
  • • Functionality Cookies
    Cookies which save the users’ preferences to facilitate the users’ browsing experience, according to a set of selected criteria (such as, for example, language, text characters, browser type, etc.).

2. Cookies which require the users’ Opt-in.

All cookies, other than the technical cookies mentioned above, are installed or activated only if previous consent is given by the user, the first time she/he visits the Store Website. Opt-in may be expressed in a general way, by interacting with the brief cookie information banner on the landing page of the website, pursuant to the instructions set out in the above-mentioned banner (closing the banner, or by clicking the OK button, or by scrolling the page or clicking on any of its elements); opt-in can be also provided in a selective way described below. Opt-in given by users is tracked and recorded in order to make your next visits to the same website more effective. However, you can always revoke all or part of the consents previously given.

Among the cookies which require the users’ Opt-in, we use:

• Cookies managed by third parties
These cookies are not managed by us and are referred to as third parties cookies. Please find below some information, and a link to the privacy policy and the consent form for each of the third party. If you close this page or switch to another page of this website, you give your consent to all of them.

  • a. Online behavioural advertising cookies
    These cookies, installed by third parties companies which carry out online profiling activities, allow to create an anonymous profile of the users based on their browsing experience on this and other websites. In this way, it is possible to provide you with advertisements targeted to your interests rather than generic advertising. Please find below the name of any third party, which manages the above-mentioned cookies, and for each of them the link to the page where it is possible to have more information and/or manage the consent.
  • b. Retargeting cookies
    These cookies are used to send advertising to users who previously visited the Store Website. Please find below the name of any third party which manages the above-mentioned cookies, and for each of them the link to the page where it is possible to have more information and/or manage the consent.
  • c. Social networking Cookies
    These cookies are collected in order to share content on social networks. Please find below the name of any third party which manages the above-mentioned cookies, and for each of them the link to the page where it is possible to have more information and/or manage the consent.
  • d. Analytics Cookies
    These cookies are collected by third parties, both in an aggregated and non-aggregated form, in order to collect information on the number of users and on how they visit the website, such as information on which pages or sections are most viewed. Please find below the name of any third party which manages the above-mentioned cookies, and for each of them the link to the page where it is possible to have more information and/or manage the consent.
    Adobe Site CatalystGoogle Analytics.

We would like to inform you that you can also manage your cookie preferences through your browser such as:

If you are not familiar with the type and version of browser that you are using, we invite you to click on the “Help” button in the window at the top of your browser, where you can access all the information you need.


For any further information:

  • email address:



The Level Group S.r.l., the data controller of your personal data as per Article 28 of Legislative Decree. 196/03, provides the following paragraph on our Cookie Policy. As Data Controller, we would like to provide the following information on data handling in addition to that found in the Privacy Policy on the website. It describes the various types of cookie and technology used on this website, in view of the Privacy Authority’s publication in May 2004 entitled “Identifying simplified ways to inform and acquire consent for cookies – 08 May 2014 (published in the Official Gazette no. 126 dated 03 June 2014)” available at this internet address, to describe how to set up cookie preferences and their conditions of use.


As briefly explained in the banner that appears on your first visit to, you can consent to the use of cookies just by scrolling down the page or by clicking any element of contents in one of the pages on the site. By continuing to navigate and exiting this cookie policy, in the absence of specific choices regarding cookies, will be considered consent to use all cookies.


Cookies are small text files sent by the sites you visit to your device (usually a browser). They are stored in the corresponding browser folder while you are visiting a website, and are sent back to the same site the next time you visit. Cookies do not contain comprehensible information but allow you to be associated with the personal data you provided on Cookies are sent out by our servers, and no one can access the information they contain. Only Custom Wave and COLODOS can use the information provided by the cookies, in an anonymous form, in order to optimise our services and website for your needs and preferences. They are used to improve navigation, save the preferences you enter (username, password, etc.) and to track your tastes and preferences, allowing us to conduct targeted marketing initiatives or provide services associated with the Data Controller’s activities, such as newsletters, site management notifications, etc. If you restrict their use, the usability of the website and its contents will be affected. You can always block cookies in advance or delete them from your browser cache, but if you do so, the services offered by the web application may be limited.


Strictly necessary cookies : we use some strictly necessary cookies to allow you to access the site, navigate from one page to another and use the services you request.

Performance Cookie: we use this type of cookie to analyse visitors’ behaviour and monitor site performance. This allows us to keep the quality of the services high, identifying and quickly correcting any problems that could arise. For example, we use performance cookies to track which pages are most popular, the most common navigation behaviour and which error pages are viewed by users.

Functional cookies: we use this type of cookie to save your preferences. For example, they can save the language and currency you select, so you don’t have to specify them every time you visit.


Most browsers are configured to accept, control or disable cookies through the settings menu. The cookies are linked to the browser you use and can be disabled directly through it. The following links tell you how to manage cookies for these browsers:

Last update: Januari 2021

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